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Your Queries Resolved: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at My AI Courses

What is My AI Courses?

We are an online course program designed to help busy professionals learn about AI and stay competitive in today's tech-driven world.

What courses does My AI Courses offer?

We offer courses on various AI-related topics, such as Prompt Engineering for AI. With more courses coming soon.

What level of experience is required for My AI Courses?

Our Courses are designed for busy professionals with little to no prior knowledge of AI.

What industries can benefit from My AI Courses?

Any industry that relies on technology can benefit from our services, such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and more.

How long are the courses and how do they work?

The courses are self-paced and flexible, allowing students to learn on their own schedule. Course lengths vary depending on the specific course.

Can I access My AI Courses on mobile devices?

How do I contact My AI Courses?

You can reach us via email at, by post at 11 Old Lansdowne Road, Manchester M202PB, or via our online form

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